1890 is when the company was founded by a hard-working Italian family committed to laying down the basis for a cleaning products business, which in time would assist and improve the daily life of Italians.

THE 20s Start of the first large-scale soap production by the founding company

THE 50s During the rebuilding period immediately following the war, the desire to “scale” emerging markets gives the historic brand its name

THE 60s These are years of innovation and huge investment: Italy’s first atomization tower is built, a second tower is added in 1969; the first dish-washing powders are launched on the market, followed immediately by laundry detergent.

THE 70s Continual innovation enables the company to produce the first washing-up liquid. The founding father of the Scala brand is awarded the Mercurio d’ Oro Prize for entrepreneurial commitment to research and innovation.

THE 80s Scala brand reaches its peak of popularity and presence in the homes of Italian families, thanks partly to the backing of famous names and major advertising campaigns.

THE 90s Start of the first exports of Scala products to foreign markets

2003 Scala is acquired by the Bagnacavallo company Deco Industrie, which guarantees to maintain the entire workforce at the production facility for a minimum of two years, resulting in an award for ethical behaviour (Ethic Award Prize, 2003). A new era begins for the brand.

2004 The logo is restyled on more attractive modern lines and with the addition of the “CLEAN PROJECT” pledge. Innovation meets tradition and Scala launches a new line of laundry powder, completely redesigned for a return to the traditional way of doing the washing. Link to history of laundry

2005 -2006 . Scala creates new product lines, allowing it to offer a complete range of household detergents for every cleaning need.

2007 In market research surveying customer attitudes and brand opinions, Scala emerges as a familiar, reassuring, “motherly” brand which is traditional and strongly present in the memory as a classic name.

2011 Scala pays close attention to the growing interest in environmental issues and actively contributes to sustainable development, relaunching its range of washing-up liquid with unique, innovative packaging. Bottles made of recycled plastic and bundle packaging to replace cardboard boxes lead Scala Piatti to be elected product of the year for innovation in 2012.

2014 The new Scala Piatti commercial is produced, with the image of a young working woman who needs practical CLEANING SOLUTIONS. Scala gives her these…every day