Quality and Responsibility


Deco Industrie, producers of the Scala brand, is certified to ISO 9001 standard by certifying body Certiquality. The Scala brand has always guaranteed exclusively high quality products at the most affordable price, the result of continual technological research and marketing, in full compliance with industry standards and full responsibility in terms of people and the environment,

The quality of Scala products is guaranteed first and foremost by the use of raw materials which are carefully selected for their technical properties, biodegradability, performance, safety and sustainability, according to criteria which ensure compliance with industry standards and go further, with voluntary operational principles (AISE European Charter) and a corporate Ethical Code. Quality control is carried out on a daily basis on raw materials entering the plant, during the production process and final analysis of the detergents before they are released onto the market, using statistical and analytical sampling methods which are rigorous and accurate.

Numerous lines of Scala products are packaged in bottles made of post-consumer plastic or plastic from differentiated waste collection; the bottles come in various shapes and sizes and are produced by a patented system unique in Italy. What’s more, the bottles are held together by a solution which removes the need for cardboard packaging, using a fine flexible film which is shrink wrapped, exactly like bottles of mineral water. In this way waste is reduced, saving time and money for disposal, as well as reducing damage to forests. This dual innovation led SCALA to be awarded the prestigious prize for innovation, “Product of the Year 2012”.

To make sure that Scala can always provide the right cleaning solutions to fit market evolution, customers’ needs are investigated through market research methods such as surveys, feedback requests and test panels for use in the home.  Investment in Research & Development has allowed increasingly advanced formulations to be developed and undergo performance testing at accredited laboratories.  All this with a single aim: to give consumers excellent cleaning performance and fragrance at a more attractive price than better-known brands. Quality and Responsibility are two fundamental concepts for Scala; the brand and its producers Deco Industrie are totally committed to both, from investigating new products to their ultimate distribution and sale. Excellent product performance is combined with respect for people and the environment and the choice of responsible convenience.