Scala, over half a century of cleaning stories to tell. …

Some brands belong to our history. They occupy a special position in the memory album. Scala is one of these brands. Scala first entered the homes of Italians with laundry soap in the 1950s – the days when our grandmothers lovingly washed the family’s clothes by hand. And then there was washing powder and washing-up liquid to meet all our customers’ domestic cleaning needs.

Scala, a positive name expressing the desire to “scale” the growing postwar markets and become a part of Italian habits. And it’s this Italian quality that distinguishes Scala, proud to be the only brand for household cleaning and hygiene that has remained entirely Italian. In Scala, housewives recognise the value of tradition and reliability over time because its is handed down the generations, with a reassuring trust and familiarity because it was used by our grandmothers and our mothers, and is still in our lives today. Moreover, there is an extensive range of products for every household cleaning job, made from safe chemicals and giving an excellent price/quality ratio.

Today Scala has grown up, facing the future with the launch of new, higher value added products to attract new, younger consumers with more specific needs and a green conscience. And Scala is thinking of the future of these new generations, with many lines using bottles made of 100% recycled PET and removing cardboard in favour of bundle packaging in flexible film, considerable innovations which led to Scala’s election as Product of the Year 2012.

Scala – a classic Italian brand that combines tradition and innovation.